Theatre O Presents...

Through The Hoop Backwards

We welcome the arrival of Theatre O, a new Brighton ensemble with a unique edge. The cast - Tara Harley, Ocean Isoaro, Rob Dreaming, Neil White and Jez Hughes – of diverse performance as well as shamanistic backgrounds, came together last autumn with a vision to create something fresh and different.

They share a wish to create theatre in a way which honours each other, the space they work in, and the material worked with. There is also the curiosity in stretching a limited perception of what can be deemed 'sacred' for different people.

Theatre O are experimenting with producing seasonal theatre based on folk-tales and mythologies from around the world. Speak to any of the cast and you find a great passion for these stories - and stories in general – and these are certainly not children's stories! There is the bawdy, irreverent and dubious, as well as the gripping, heart-warming, beautiful and sensuous. Above all, the stories touch universal themes such as craving, loneliness and hard won love and peace.

The result is a cabaret of tales from the frozen landscapes of the Inuit, Scandinavian, Native American, Japanese and British. Coyote and Silver Fox set the scene, Skeleton Woman is a tale of love emerging from icy seas, Peter/Peter is a farce of ruthless greed, Crescent Moon the story of a woman's unexpected journey to wisdom, and Return of the Sun Goddess shows what happened after the quarrel between the Sun and Wind deities.

The evening is entertaining, and fun – surprisingly shocking scenes are intermingled with the touching and dreamy – and one leaves the theatre thinking perhaps for an hour one did fall through a hoop backwards and into other riveting worlds.

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